100% Normandy

Theatre and dance

Corneille's homeland is also a land of theatre.
Leading venues: Rouen opera house (1,350 seats), Caen theatre (1,000), the Volcan in Le Havre (800), the Tangram - Cadran in Evreux (900), the Trident in Cherbourg (600, 400 and 250), the Préau in Vire, France's smallest town to have a certified 'scène nationale' theatre (740), Dieppe Scène Nationale (600 seats), the Scène Nationale 61, etc.
The Centres Dramatiques Nationaux de Normandie (national dramatic art centres) - Comédie de Caen and Comédie de Rouen.
The Centres Chorégraphiques Nationaux (national choreographic centres) in Caen and Le Havre